Friday, January 30, 2009

The Ice Storm Cometh

I came to work Monday morning with the thought that perhaps Oklahoma would receive a bit of much needed moisture in the form of icy precipitation.
How very right I was.
The roads became so slick early that I left work at 11:30 am just to get my butt home before I couldn't make it at all. One of my co-workers told me that four of them stayed until five (our early closing) and that EVERY one of them fell in the parking lot and had to crawl to their respective cars.
Yeah. It was like that.
I, however, in my limited wisdom contacted Mr. Propane and had him deliver to me Monday even though I had 20% left still. What a forward thinker I am.
Tuesday the roads were impassable. We were in a "State of Emergency." Travel was NOT advised unless you absolutely had to. I didn't have to. Work was closed for which I'm thankful. And, of course, no school.
I took vacation Wednesday because little white car was still buried, and I thought it unwise to kill myself getting the little thing out of its hidey hole when I would surely end up in the closest ditch.
And, of course, no school.
Thursday became the day of possibilities. I did NOT want to spend another precious 8 hrs of vacation sitting home watching OC play PS2, MC harrass her sisters, and BC complain about everything. So I sucked it up (this was industrial suckage, let me tell you) and decided to drive to work.
I call it white knuckle driving because by the time I arrived in my occupational parking lot, I had to pry my fingers from the wheel. Unpleasant, to say the least.
Where were the chickens?
No school. Of course. So they kept me company. And it was not a good time. First of all, slammed would be putting it mildly. It was balls to the walls here, my friends. The phone rang off the hook. There was a small stampede when we opened the doors. You would think that we were the hottest ticket in town.
Well, I think we are. But I digress.
So now it's Friday. And I'm at work. Which really, looking at alternatives, isn't that bad. The chickens are STILL out of school. But there's a bit of separation between us right now so who am I to complain?
There are STILL large roadways that haven't seen hide nor hair of salt or a plow. And I'm rather glad the chicks aren't going to school. Their route is mostly dirt roads. And that translates to an icy ditch right about now. So they're kicked back at home. Probably torturing the hell out of each other. If pattern holds, and I'm sure it will.

I did write a bit. Pounded out about 6000 more words. And I love the story. It's wonderful.
So I'll wish everyone a happy weekend. Stay warm if you can.

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Mr. Me said...

I'm doing a pretty good job staying warm. It is only 80 degrees today.