Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm not dead

I'm just doing a good impression of it.
Have I already stated what a hard time I have this time of year? Well. It needs to be stated again. This time of year sucks for me.
Van broke down. Over a thousand dollars to fix it. Called the propane people, and it took them three fucking days to get their damn truck to my house. I am SO displeased. They had the money on the account, but they couldn't seem to find my damn house.
I got nothing left.
Just a bunch of to-do's floating around in my head. A spark or two for stories. I'm hanging onto those babies. But basically I'm simply surviving.
This is not a mode I particularly like.
I'm overwhelmed. Burned out. Barely functioning.
'Taint pretty. But I seem to be doing a bit better the past day or so. The desire to take a long walk off a short pier has left. Playing in traffic no longer sounds reasonable.
So I'd say that things are looking up.

1 comment:

Porchswingpoet said...

i be thinkin your either sitting somewhere growing moldy, or you've croaked!