Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Update

That sucker flew by kind of quick, didn't it?

Friday evening was nothing much. The girls and I stayed home. We went to the local junior college and watched two basketball games Saturday. MC brought along T. OC and MC are in a program called Gear Up. It's a federally funded program that tracks the kids to see if all the extra activities and help for the kids makes a difference in their lives. It's fantastic!!!
The kids go on field trips. Have access to tutors. There are all sorts of perks.
Another perk being that the two oldest chickens, BC, and I all got in free to the games. And the rest of the seasons home games will be the same.
*channeling Wayne and Garth*
We plan on being at quite a few future games.

And I wrote!!! Yep. Back in the ol' swing of things. Wrote almost 6000 words Sunday. Zipped right along. And I loved it. Popped ye old headphones on and went to town.
Finally took down the Christmas tree.
Then I watched The Tudors on DVD.
Can I just say...yummy? It's certainly nothing that I'd let the chickens watch, but I loved it. Keep in mind it's a Showtime production. K?
And really, it fired my interest in the time period so I spent this morning on Wikipedia delving into the history of Henry VIII, and his many trials and tribulations as King.
The man had problems. That's all I'm saying. Oh, and the couldn't keep it in his pants.
There. I'll say that, too.
This morning rolled around entirely too quickly, and I'm still rubbing sleep out of my eyes.
How about y'all?
Anything new and different?

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Rene said...

The one I like on that show is Henry Cavill who plays Charles Brandon. He's hot.

Kudos on the writing.