Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Beyond frustrating

How much do I absolutely LOVE getting a call from the principal of the girls' school?
It utterly pisses me off. First, I believe I've stated my utter loathing for receiving calls at work. It is almost never good. Except when the Mom or Sis calls.
But having a first-year principal proceed to tell me how unruly my child is in three different classes quite crawls up my ass. And I will concede that BC can be quite an opinionated overbearing pill.
I admit that. My God. I'm her MOTHER! I KNOW these things.
But I also can see where two of these classes also have different problem children and two teachers who have no concept on how to control a class.
In fact...and I don't know if I've shared this story before or not-but what the hell-it deserves a of these teachers sent MC and some of her friends to this office because they were calling her "stupid"
(wait for it....)
Okay. Can you grasp how frustrated I am? I think it's fairly obvious.
So instead of me being a somewhat happy camper this evening, I could've cheerfully strangled BC. And the principal ticks me off because he wants to blame the students for EVERYTHING!!!
My GOD! Do your fucking job! BE a damn principal!
And since I still feel the need to air it out, I brought up the teacher with the mental problems. Apparently she was sitting right there by Mr. Principal as he talked to me on the phone.
*eye roll*
So he asks...Do you want to talk to her?
My response...God, no! And then I proceed to explain that I personally think she is a horrible instructor, and I cannot WAIT for NONE of my girls to have her. HA!
And so he hems and haws about how wonderful she is.
Yeah. Bullshit.
This is a teacher who does some crap jobs so I'm sure they'll keep her just for that. Because let me tell you, the chickie has some major problems.
But this, in NO way, excuses BC and her mouth.
So BC's plans for this weekend?
Gone. So so very damn gone. And she's now grounded for two weeks. Because I think that's only right. And considering the mental agony I've had to endure by listening to the principal's prattle, I should add extra time for pain and suffering for the Mama.
So that's that.

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Rene said...

Unfortunately kids have bad teachers. But it is also a lesson they need to learn. There are going to be people you work with, go to school with, inherit as family, that you are not going to like and it is important to learn to live with them. I had a teacher in jr. high I mouthed off to and my mom explained the above to me.

Shut up, do your work and the bell will ring eventually.