Thursday, January 22, 2009

The eye twitcheth

In no particular order:

There are NOT enough hours in the day. I don't care if you're Dr. Phil or Dr. Wayne's all a LIE!!!
Teenage girls will hit a period of time when the mirror is their friend. Which makes it extremely frustrating for the Mama to fix her hair.
I feel like I'm going to be stuck at 60,000 words FOREVER on WATS. ACK! Okay. *deep breath* Not really. Sheesh.
Is it Friday yet?
It's only important if someone else wants it.
When I want attention, I can't get any. However, when I want to lay low, that's when the middle button of a blouse is missing.
Oklahoma weather--Today 77. Tomorrow 60. Next week? Who knows. But leaving the house this morning when it's a balmy 32 with a sleeveless thin shirt on was not the best of ideas.
People invariably suck at one time or another. But it's the optimist in me that believes they'll get over it.

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