Monday, October 01, 2007

I rock the Casbah

Oh yes. It's true. *grins*

I finished Water Goddess Saturday and self-edited it. Woo hoo!!! Me=done. I swear that I have never had such a hard time writing anything. I was absolutely freaking euphoric when I finished. And I was proud. *smile* So it was absolutely marvelous.

Tomorrow is baby chicken's birthday. She'll be TWELVE. Yep. *nodding* Last year that I won't have a teenager in my house. And since the chickens' birthdays are all in October...I'll actually have two twelve year olds at the same time. Then two thirteen year olds. Then a twelve, thirteen, and fourteen year old.
Does it make your head spin?
Does mine. LMAO

I started on Wind Goddess because, damn it, I could. And that is going swimmingly snarky. Erin, my Water Goddess heroine, is the polar opposite of Sylvia, heroine of Wind Goddess. Oh man. To unleash the snark? Absolutely priceless. *rubbing hands together*
That'll be all kinds of fun.

Watched football Sunday. That was my all day treat to myself since I worked my ass off on my book and finished.
OMG! Brett Favre now holds the record for Touchdown passes in the NFL. I LOVE HIM!!! He is the reason I started watching football to begin with. My chickens probably resent him...but too bad. HA!
And the Packers are 4-0. Are you kidding me??? And with the youngest team in the NFL???
God, I love this time of year. *sigh*

p.s. Go vote for me please! It's about four posts down from this one. You can vote at Night Owl Romance until October 31, 2007. Once a day. I'm under C'ann Inman and Moon Goddess/Sun Goddess.
Appreciate it. :)~~


Donna said...

Well I just voted for you and it looks like you're kicking everyones butt! Good luck!

Mr. Me said...

Wow... my little 2nd cousins are getting older. I feel old now. Dang.

Tell all of them I say happy birthday!

I rock the catbox... I can't listen to that song Rock the casbah anymore without thinking about that Cingular commercial where they say stop the catbox... haha