Monday, October 08, 2007

Finally fall!'s lovely here today. In the mid-seventies for a high with a gently northern breeze.
About damn time.

I finished Water Goddess (on time, thankyouverymuch) and am now waiting for my extremely talented Cover Artist to send me what will be the cover.
Little nervous because my November release for Whiskey Creek Press Torrid, Programmed for Pleasure, doesn't even HAVE anyone working on it right now. Or not that I know of, anyway.

I've finished one birthday and now have two more to go this month. And no, smartasses, I did NOT plan it that way. These things just, um, happened. *grins*
I blame it on my wedding anniversary being Feb. 12, Valentine's Day, and my birthday is Feb. 18. See what I'm saying? *wriggling eyebrows*

I'm working on three projects right now. Wind Goddess is number one with a bullet. And wouldn't you damn know it? It's coming to me in pieces, too. *sigh* Quite a lesson to learn here. Just when you think you've settled in with something that changes.
I'm also working on SWTWC and WATS. I can't decide whether they're going to be Erotic Romance or not. Usually I have it all pared down in my wee little head about which subgenre I'm rocking along with. But both are outside the box. *grins* Box? What box?

I'm still pulling my life together, and all seems to be going rather well with me. Hope you and yours can say the same.
I'll try and post a bit more often. *laughing* This just seemed to rather escape me for about a week. Blame it on the birthday frenzy.

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Lyvvie said...

Explain this "Coming to me in pieces" process of yours because this is how shit works for me and I'm forever suturing it back together. My stories are like Frankenstein.

Well done for being so on top of everything, You're my idol just now, as everything is tiptoeing behind me ready to go "Surprise!"