Monday, October 22, 2007

Friends, Football, and Fall Break

I don't make friends easily simply because I don't deeply trust a lot of people. But this weekend, I lost one. She didn't pass. She's not harmed in any way. But she moved clear across the U.S. And though I'm sure she's happy, I'm going to miss her.

Sometimes I'll catch a glimpse of high school friends at my work. And we play catch-up for a few, but it's not the same. I only get little pieces of their lives now.

Went to a friend's birthday party for her son Saturday. And as I looked at her family in her house, I couldn't help but think: I know you're daughter/sister/aunt better than you do. Because for some unknown reason, we share things with each other that family just isn't privvy to. And it's nice.

I lost two best friends this last year. Through their choice and choices they made. They still haven't come to grips with that yet, but I have. And it's really too bad. You know...the kind of friends that I would gladly donate a kidney to. But no more.

So. To my faraway friend: happy. I miss ya.
To my coworker friends: Candace and Christine...thanks for listening
To my high school friends: Katie, Christi, and Jana...what are we waiting for? Our twentieth reunion???
And to the two I lost: It's too bad. I really WOULD have given you a kidney. Or any other organ of your choice if you had treated me decently to begin with.

And to my best friend now: I love you dearly, sugar. You are a bright light in every day, and I thank all that is good that I have you.

Saturday was also Middle Chicken's birthday. She got some new-fangled MP3 thing that pretty much does everything but her homework. *grins* Needless to say, it was stuck in her ears the entire weekend. *laughing* Didn't bother me a bit. So I'm down to one more birthday this month. And then I can breathe a bit easier until Christmas. *sigh* I love/loathe this time of year.
Went roller skating Friday with the chickens. I took off work, and they were on Fall Break. I was, of course, the oldest chickie on skates. *shrug* Such as it is. Only about a dozen people there. And oh yes...I DID embarrass the short people. I was dancing/skating, and if children could die of mortification...I would be sans chickens. *snickering*
Ever try to do the "cyclone" on skates? lmao

I wrote a bit Sunday on Wind Goddess, but I ended up gravitating toward another Paranormal work. *shrug* Didn't get as much done as I wanted, but there was progress made. And then I watched oldest and baby chicken play football against each other. OMG. It was too damn cute. Middle chicken, of course, had her ears plugged up with birthday present. *grins*

Hope your weekend was a good one. It's icky here right now. Cold, windy, and downright nasty. Those two weeks of fall were lovely. *eye roll*


Jill Monroe said...

Glad you're writing - keep it up!

Lyvvie said...

Friends! What a minefield. I'd never ask for your kidney, Chrys, but a few lessons in your time management would be most appreciated. I'll reciprocate with anything...even the kidney you want it. I have a spare after all.