Tuesday, September 25, 2007

This just in...Yay!!!

Hello all!

Happened to drop by the Romantic Times site to see if the new issue was out. And it is!!!

Here's my review for Fire Goddess in the November 2007 issue:

Inman makes the old plot of a great love between a star and a common laborer new, exciting, fun -- and just plain hot. The misunderstandings are so funny that readers may laugh out loud, while the love scenes are very graphic and sexy. With a bit of mystery thrown into the mix, this read has something for everyone. This is set up to be the first of a series; here's hoping Inman will follow with more of this delightful storyline.

Summary: The four Guardians must each help a woman become a success in the areas of health, home and heart. Wilda picks Kelly, a soap opera diva who is the polar opposite of her character, to find love and happiness. Descending to Earth as her wardrobe consultant, Wilda finds Kelly's career a success, but she has no friends and wants someone to love. Enter Sloan, a builder, brought on to build a beautiful castle set. Sloan is sure Kelly is just like her character and is determined to dislike her. But with Wilda's prodding, they just may find love.
(Whiskey Creek, Jul., 251 pp., $12.95) HOT—Cindy Himler


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Congrats on such a great review!