Monday, March 19, 2007

Shifted In Death

I read the new JD Robb book "Innocent in Death." And here's what happened...not the plot, mind you...the mindset.
I didn't give a damn who got murdered. I didn't care who did it. I read the book because there was trouble in paradise with Roarke and Eve.
And God! Doesn't that make for great copy???

I totally shifted the perception from Murder Solving to Relationship Issues. And it works for me. I read the last one in the series and was thankful that Mavis finally had her baby. Yay! I've been waiting forever.
Do I remember who died? Whodunit?
Nope. Not a damn detail.
But I do know that I laughed my ass off at the tweaked out Eve and Roarke over the whole baby thing. Good stuff.

I suppose a romance writer always looks for that. I do, anyway. I remember being so damn mad after reading Ivanhoe that he didn't end up with who I wanted him to end up with. And this was DECADES ago.
"The Scarlet Pimpernel" is one of my all-time favorite books. It's historical. But I, quite honestly, didn't pay much attention to that. Because the romance plot ROCKED!!!

So there you are. I'm a sucker for romance. Its facets. All the ins and outs. And if you want to kill someone or have a fight...go for it. But don't expect me to remember any of that.
I read for the romance.


Michelle said...

I love a good romance. Last of the Mohicans--prime example. Couldn't tell you what most of the whole historical plot was, but give me Daniel Day-Lewis saying, "I will find you!" and I am so there. :)

Rene said...

Funny, I love the romance in a book, however, I've noticed I'm drifting away from romance novels.

I've only read the first two of the "In Death" series. I'm saving it for that time when there is absolutely nothing left to read or maybe a summer vacation. I like the fact that Eve and Roarke are a couple and still face crises in their relationship, that's real romance.