Friday, March 23, 2007

Emperor's New Groove

There are several parts of this movie that were laugh aloud funny. And two that stand out in particular are when Eazma and Krunk ride the roller coaster down to the secret lab. *insert visual of Eazma smoothing down her feathered plume after she licks her hand* OMG.
And the other one? When Krunk screws up the poisonous drinks and is trying to tell Eazma DON'T DRINK THE WINE...POISON. And he makes that little chopping motion with his hand towards his throat.

What is not so hilarious is what I'm afraid to eat these days. Fresh spinach salad consumption? Down. Hamburger? Down. Peanut butter? None in my cupboards. Seems like every time I turn around...something is hazardous to my health.
Meat. Veggies. Nothing is safe. And that worries me.

Shall I shun the modern world and go Amish? Nah. But I'm extremely careful with my edibles. And that makes me wonder. What has all this food recalled done to you and your grocery shopping? Made a difference? Not?

I'll post momentarily about writing and all that good stuff. But I'm curious about this.


Tori Lennox said...

And now you have to be careful of your pets' food, too! I'm ready to go totally organic. Provided I lived somewhere where I could actually do that...

Rene said...

I don't worry about it. If I did, I'd spend my life like Howard Hughes. For all the people who have been sickened by food, how many haven't? I've never stopped eating fresh spinach. I eat my hamburger medium rare. I think the media does a really good job of creating huge amounts of panic.

And as for organic...that won't protect anyone from e.coli. And organic doesn't mean there is not artificial chemicals used, its just different.

Obesity and smoking kill far more people than contaminated food. Drunk driving kills more people than contaminated food. Where do you draw the line?