Monday, March 26, 2007

The Sex Talk

I've done been over the birds and the bees with the oldest. I had planned to talk to my middle one this last summer. But she persisted in making herself scarce at every opportune moment.
Last night, it was her turn to sleep with me, and I casually rolled over and said:
Me: So. When are we going to have our little talk?
MC: *doesn't even PRETEND ignorance* Don't want to.
Me: You know that we were supposed to talk about it this last summer. You missed yours.
MC: I know. And I appreciate that.
Me: Do you think your friends are going to fill you in?
Me: You think that information is just going to filter through the air and into your brain?
MC: No.
Me: Who's going to tell you?
MC: Nature.
Me: *not knowing whether to laugh or curse*
Me: We are going to have that talk. Being informed is the best thing.
*MC rolling over and facing her ass toward me*
Me: Um...are we done?
MC: Yes.
Me: Are you ignoring me?
MC: Yes.
Me: Goodnight, sugar.
MC: Night, Mom.
Me: And yes. We ARE going to have that talk.



Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Oh, Lordy, I dread these talks!!!

Olga said...

Lol! And I don't know what I'd do in this situation. Probably would've postpone it until nature would really fill in!