Friday, March 23, 2007

And for that writing post I promised ya...

I have a slow start, bookwise, the beginning of this year. Summer through the end of the year picks up considerably.
Just contracted a short story for Torrid's Summer Solstice Scorchers. The title is "Conjuring Cade." More details and a blurb as I um...throw them together. *grins*
I'll have two reviews and an ad in July's Romantic Times Magazine. They gave What He Wants four stars in their February 2007 issue. How exciting!
(You always have that nailbiting experience when someone reviews your work. Thank God that all worked out all right.)
The two reviews will be for Perfect Timing and The Portrait. Perfect Timing is my Time Travel Romance. The Portrait is a Paranormal Romance.

I am VERY much looking forward to my Torrid Teasers due out in August by my naughtier (but not much) self...C'ann Inman. The titles are "Moon Goddess" and "Sun Goddess." They will be available only in eprint. But oh man! They are delicious stories. Full of humor and sensuality.
I'll add more about that later, also.
July brings out Fire Goddess. That is Book 1 in my Guardian series. The rest: Water Goddess, Wind Goddess, and Earth Goddess will release every five months after.
November brings Programmed for Pleasure. And yes, it's a Torrid title. How did you guess? LMAO
Next year will see my first Fantasy Romance...One Enchanted Evening. My longest piece I've written. And the one I wrote in a month. Flat. It rather poured itself out onto the keyboard. Wish they were all like that.

More details as the months continue to fly by. I'm working on another short story for Torrid due out in October. Must have it finished by the middle of May.
And that's about it. For now.
Have a great weekend!!!

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