Thursday, November 30, 2006

Jack Frost...kiss my ass

I'm dealing with this and this and this. *sigh*
Kids home today and tomorrow. Our work shut down today. And tomorrow there are enough people there that I don't dare try to go in. All the ditches on my road are gone, and I don't want to become part of the scenery.

It's cold Cold COLD! All the furry babies are inside. And I just want to be lazy and curl up. Pitiful, huh? But I do have several ideas and dialogue running through my head. That's a good thing. Stay warm.



Nancy J. Bond said...

As one who loves the snow...well, it looks very festive. :) Stay safe.

Tori Lennox said...

It's not that bad here, but it's cold enough to make me wish I'd stayed in my nice, warm, cozy bed! :)

Jill Monroe said...

Believe me when I say I feel your pain!

Suzanne said...

That looks beautiful! I'm ready for snow!!