Sunday, November 26, 2006

Got coal?

Okay. I'll admit it. My day has seriously inhaled. Tomorrow I go back to work, and I've done NO writing. None. Nada. Zip. Damn it.

Today the children and I put up the Christmas tree. Because I thought that would be fun. (I'll plead temporary insanity.)

They argued about the color of the limbs they would get to put in. They argued about who would help put the lights on. They argued about who would put the topper on. They argued about who would get to hang up the last damn pine cone. They argued about who would plug the SOB in. They argued about the Christmas stockings. They argued about who would put the damn pipe cleaner candy canes on. They argued about EVERY. Damn. Thing.

Then I had the absolutely brilliant idea of them helping me hang lights on the outside of the house.
Me=blatantly stupid.
We ruined two strings of brand, new lights. Oldest chicken and baby chicken both broke a string. So I'm done. Period. Though the tree looks REALLY pretty.
And then the little buttheads had the AUDACITY to ask if we were going to wrap some presents today. I would rather jab myself in the eye with a sharp stick.

Not only have I noticed how absolutely pissy they were today, I can't help but notice what jackasses other people are.
Yesterday: To the lady who let me cross the little shopping mall lot and then waited until I got halfway to the sidewalk before gunning it around me...the middle finger I showed you does NOT mean "Hi!"
To the sorry SOB who pulled in my parking space even though I had my turn signal on and my van halfway maneuvered to suck.

There. Now that I've vented a bit, perhaps my head won't blow off my shoulders.
I'm off to work on some of my writing.


Tori Lennox said...

Rude people make me want to scream! And there are SOOOO many of them!!!! Where do they come from??? They need to be shipped off somewhere and leave the rest of us alone. *g*

lyvvie said...

Surely you could pay one of the kids to let the air out of the bastard's tires?? Stealing parking spaces is a social crime well worthy of justified revenge!

I couldn't bear to look at a X-mas tree for four weeks. Two tops, and it comes down on Jan 2nd. If the kids want to see decorations, that's what the neighbors are for. Street wandering for the loonies who drain all of the power from the grid just to have a sparkling house viewable from the spacestation.

oh, honestly, I'm not that bitter.

chrystal casey said...

You poor thing. You should have let them fight it out when they started arguing and went and read a book or something. I haven't started on christmas decorations. Dreading it.

Amy said...

While I'm sorry your decorating day was so crappy, at least I know my house wasn't the only one with a mama yelling her head off at two out-of-control boys. Happy frickin' holidays. *g*

Shannon said...

Aren't children just wonderful? (yeah right!!) I spent this morning waking up to a crappy foot of snow in my driveway, and my son screaming at me because he didn't want to wear his snowpants to school. Just wonderful! So, I definitely know where you're coming from Chrys! And I haven't even started decorating the tree yet - ugh!