Friday, November 10, 2006

Shrimp exercises--Crystal spews Diet Pepsi

Never, I repeat...NEVER, read weird stories when drinking.

This is what I found on

"As far as I know this is the first time that shrimp have been exercised on a treadmill and it was amazing to see how well they performed," Scholnick told LiveScience. "Healthy shrimp ran and swam at treadmill speeds of up to 20 meters per minute [66 feet per minute] for hours with little indication of fatigue."
To further challenge the healthy shrimp, the researchers designed a small backpack made of duct tape to add extra load to the shrimp. With the extra weight and lowered oxygen, they were active for up to an hour."

Okay. I was good until they strapped on little duct tape backpacks. Then I kind of lost it. Is anyone else having a visual?

And here's one that you seriously need to mentally block after reading:

LONDON - A 22-year-old man suffered internal injuries after lighting a small firecracker he had inserted into his buttocks, paramedics said Thursday.
The man suffered burns and other unspecified internal injuries in the incident in Sunderland, 275 miles north of London.

Though I know there's no ready answer for any of this...I must ask...WHY?

I don't require my shrimp to sprint up and down my plate before I eat them. And I don't need any more holes than I already have, thank you very much. So what possesses these people?



chrystal casey said...

That is so funny about the shrimp not so much about the English dumbass. I have to admit when you said shrimp I was thinking more about the one that come on your plate at red lobster not live ones. hee! hee!

Tori Lennox said...

ROFL!!! Finally somebody I could beat on the treadmill! *g*

Eva Gale said...

HOOOMMMYYYGOOODDD that is just so screwed up it's hilarious.

A firecracker in his butt? Betcha he's got some hemmroids now!

Olga said...

Lol, those were hilarious! Imagine the visuals!