Saturday, December 02, 2006

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

...and so are the chickens.

In cold weather, the consumption of toilet paper, ibuprofen, and food has gone up considerably. Chickens are climbing the walls. The Mama is in her room blogging (hiding). Yeah, I'll make no bones about it.

Yahoo is only sending through about a third of my emails. The fuses in our well are fried (no water). And I'm cranky.
However, this afternoon, all will be right with the world again.
Fuses are being bought as I type this, and I've tried to straighten out the Yahoo snafu. (Ha! I made a funny.)
Meanwhile...back in my subconscious...I couldn't go back to sleep this morning at seven thirty or thereabouts because my mind is on Water Goddess. So that will be filling my time this morning/afternoon.

I just realized that I haven't given away a book or two in awhile. So I'll have a contest for a week. Anyone commenting on this blog through Midnight December 8th CST will be entered. If you comment twice...your name will be entered thusly. (I really do like that word.)

What will you win? Good question. There will be three winners. If you've a mind for naughty, I'm putting up Fall Fires and Christmas Candy. If you'd rather have something a little less spicy, I'll put up The Portrait.
All will be sent in pdf.

And to end this loverly blog, how's about an Okie snowman? And check out that snazzy blue scarf that middle chicken donated.



Tori Lennox said...

So how much snow did you guys get altogether? We got NOTHING. Well, a dab of ice, but that's long gone.

lyvvie said...

I'll just keep the gale force winds and 55 degrees we have here in Scotland, thank you. God Bless the Gulf Stream! We had the most snow last year, it hit in March and it was a crippling two inches!! I'm so spoiled over here.

I haven't been home for X-mas in 10 years, the last time we went a blizzard hit and my parents made the Hubs and I shovel snow all day, every three hours back out there to clear away the new fall - they could've paid anyone to come and plow the driveway, but no, we're free slave labor. So no more New England winters for me, nuh-uh, no-way, no-how.

Oh Boy a contest!! I want to win!!!

Liz said...

We've been stuck in snow hell too. LOL
So all I want to do is read read read

KimW said...

It was six degrees this morning when I left for work and to think it's only the beginning. sigh... Cute snowman. lol