Thursday, November 09, 2006

My day off

Yes, dear ones. I have a day off. Even though I was supposed to work tonight, I took comp hours.
So HA!

Up at the school early getting an updated basketball schedule then back here for writing and whatnot. Working on CC-an Erotic Paranormal short. Also need to look at Water Goddess. My other work is in progress on my work computer.

Chickens fly home around four o'clock. Then dinner. Then off to another basketball game. So I suppose I better enjoy what I have going on right now.
Listening to downloaded songs (Queen/Evanescence at the moment) and typing furiously on the books.

I'm reading Lisey's Story by Stepehen King and listening to his "On Writing" on CD. Utterly heavenly. I've read "On Writing" twice. But to hear it from his lips somehow makes it stick all the better. And perhaps, that's what I need. Because I find myself adding more descriptives (the area I lack). I'm more comfortable with adding them. And I believe that's a good thing.

CC is about halfway through. It's not due until January. And maybe once I put it to bed, I can seriously start hammering away on Water Goddess. Because even now I have bits and pieces of it floating about my cranium.
The funny part being that these items have never really been named by me. These pieces of the puzzle that will eventually fit to become the final work. I don't label them "subplot" or "heroine's trait" or any of those things. These come to me wholly. Not with tags. But somehow they always seems to fit at the end.
I love the process.

And for the insult of the day: Do we really need new episodes of Sesame Street? By now, even Keanu Reeves had learned to read. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.
Not nice. But funny as all hell.


Jill Monroe said...

Someone else told me King's On Writing was good. I'm really going to check this out!!!

Glad you got a day off - enjoy!

Tori Lennox said...

Re: the insult, no, it's not at all nice. But I'm sitting here snickering, nonetheless. *g*

Silma said...

*ROFL* Cruel but funny! Have a great day off!

Tempest Knight said...

Heh! Even in your day off your mind keeps working. :)

I definitely listen to Queen when I'm feeling in a funk.