Thursday, March 10, 2016

Let there be site!

My website.

Handy having the Honey who has a Master's in Computer Science who can help create webpages and whatnot.
So I'm working on a website now.  No damn pop-ups which my old one has.
Well, you know, free is free.  Over 5700 views.  And I worked my ass off on it with colors and fonts matching and pictures of my books.
I'm still incredibly proud of it.

But now I will have an official site that I help design.  Excited!

Links to Amazon and Goodreads with my books and reviews.  Tabs for free stories and whatnot. Different entrance for my Erotic Romance.  18+ disclaimer on there.  So much to do!!!

Off tomorrow since I work Saturday.  Not quite sure what I'll be doing besides a bit more editing. Going to be busy working on that for the next few.  And I don't feel like death like last weekend so I should be gold.

On a personal note, my youngest is uber excited about baby boy's first birthday.  I can't believe it. Little Man will be one at the end of April.  Seems crazy.  Going to see his little booty today after work and grab some smooches while I can.  Feels like an eternity between smoochfests.

Totally random.
I have Netflix now.  Yeah.  I know.  Welcome to 2016.
Anyway, I wanted it SO bad for "Jessica Jones".  Didn't finish that.  I'm savoring it like expensive chocolate since the new series doesn't start for a freakin' eternity.
But I started watching "Bones".  And holy shit.
I love it.
And I don't mean...blah blah it.  I mean OMG!!!  I had no idea it was this good.  I'm only on Season 3, and I haven't found an episode yet that disappoints.
The series now has a coveted spot on my Amazon Wish List.
So.  Damn.  Good.

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