Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Beta Readers

I've never had a Beta Reader or two.  I'd like a couple now.
I have more perspective when I've put a work down for a couple of weeks and then pick it back up.  I see things I wouldn't otherwise have caught.  And that's great.  But I need some fresh perspective from people who can give constructive criticism and ask questions I may not think to ask.

But, then again, I write extremely close to the vest.  I don't put titles out or character names.  I don't feel comfortable with that.  However, I'd like to cultivate some Beta readers that I feel comfortable with.  I need a writing social circle.
Which, by the way, would probably be bigger than any other social circle I have.
Being the ambivert that I am.

Think I'll ponder this some more as I have time.

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