Saturday, April 12, 2008

Who's News??? Me!!!

The article about me was in yesterday's paper here in town. So I'm going to copy and paste (minus the picture, God forbid) right here in my very own blog. I will note that I made the FRONT PAGE!!! *DANCING*
So, without further ado, me:

Crystal Inman is not afraid to tell people that she hears voices in her head.
That's because the voices come in the form of character dialogue, witty repartee and steamy scenes. The end result is a dozen books that have endeared her to the romance-reading world.
Inman isn't a traditional romance author, however. Her books line the love-story shelves, but their genres come with a twist: paranormal romance, time travel romance, fantasy romance and more.
"Box? What box? There are no sidelines for me," Inman said with a laugh.

Crystal Inman of Shawnee talks about her romance novels about a dozen so far that include twists ranging from paranormal to time travel.
Inman is a Shawnee native who is a full-time writer, a full-time librarian and a full-time mom. And then there's the joy of writing 50,000 to 75,000 words' worth of sheer adventuresome joy.
"It's absolutely amazing to create a world inside your head and transfer it to paper and share it with others," Inman said. "Sometimes at night, I can't go to sleep because of the voices in my head, so I get up and write it down. It can be all-consuming."
Inman said she's been preoccupied with words the reading and the writing of them since she was young. As a child, she discovered her grandmother's old Harlequin romances and began reading them, and she also fell in love with fairy tales and the concept of "happily ever after." Romantic themes, strong heroines and good endings are always part of her books, simply because that's what she believes in, she said. She sometimes includes an Oklahoma flair or heroines in her books.
"I see Oklahoma women as very strong individuals," Inman said. "All my heroines are intelligent and in control. I don't have any stupid or inept heroines. It goes against my grain. Part of my wanting to make my heroines so strong is for my three girls. I want them give my girls a good base so they don't feel unempowered or diminished in any way."
Inman's first book was "Virtually Yours," a contemporary virtual reality romance published in October 2005. It follows a school secretary who meets a handsome "virtual" man while taking part in a virtual reality study. Inman wrote the book before such "cyber-dating" applications were playing out in real life.
Her most recent book is "One Enchanted Evening," a fantasy romance that indulges her love of fairy tales. Its heroine receives an anonymous invitation to an enchanted evening, and the envelope contains gold dust, which takes her to a fairytale kingdom. The tag line for the book is "Ivy Daniels used to believe in fairy tales. Now they believe in her."
One of Inman's books, "The Portrait," a paranormal love story, has been nominated for a top romance novel honor: a Reviewer's Choice Award from the magazine Romantic Times, considered the romance writer and reader's "bible." The winner will be announced later this month.
Inman also writes erotic romances her three daughters prefer to call them "spicy," though they're not allowed to read all the content under the pen name C'Ann Inman. The hottest-selling romances in the market right now are erotic and inspirational, she said.
"These are different from the old Harlequin romances," she said. "Love doesn't stop when you shut the bedroom door."
Inman publishes her books through Whiskey Creek Press, which provides both traditional books and electronic books. Working with an e-publisher also allows her more control over the book cover artwork, which often showcases the beautifully strong women in her stories.
She's under contract to write several more books for Whiskey Creek Press, including two more paranormal romances. At any given time, she has three manuscripts open on her computer and more ideas for the future percolating in her head, she said. It's all work toward her goal of making a romance reader happy.
"I want them to take away a good feeling that not everything ends badly, that there is a happily ever after. That it's not hopeless," she said. "If people are having a bad day, I want to give them escapism to lift their spirits or give them a respite or make them laugh. I absolutely love doing this."
For more information about Crystal Inman's books and for a link to her blog, go to
By the way, I wrote over 8000 words yesterday.


Tori Lennox said...

That's an awesome article!!!

And I loved that I got to read One Enchanted Evening before the general public. :)

Lyvvie said...

You're awesome and now all those people get to find that out too. Lucky people won't know what hit them.

Mr. Me said...

Congratulations cousin!!!

We all read the article and are very happy for you!!!
My mom and I were really impressed with how nice the article turned out.

Me, being the journalist wanted to know the behind the scenes details- what sort of questions the interviewer asked and stuff like that.

BTW my mom bought and is reading your first book- "Virtually Yours."