Friday, April 25, 2008

The long and short of it

Thanks to LYVVIE (Ya know I LOVE YOU!!!), I've finally got my word counts up there. *grins* That's rather an eye opener.
Had a few more stories I've started that I originally anticipated when I did the mental count. And there's two more, but they're on my laptop. *snickering* Seriously.
But the ones I'm focusing on now are Earth Goddess (Can I get a collective "DUH"???) and WATS. Those are the two biggies.
I'll probably write on Sunday. And mow. *eye roll* But it's all good.
Shipped Oldest Chicken off to a friend's house for tonight and most of tomorrow. That leaves me with the other two short people. Promised them we'd get into something tomorrow.
The mind boggles.


Lyvvie said...

Don't make me blush.

Getting into something? May I suggest cake?

Have fun!

Debbie Wallace said...

Hi Crystal!'re it!


Rene said...

Geez Louise, that's a lot of projects.

Hope you get your writing done. I'm not holding much hope for myself this weekend in the writing department. Maybe tomorrow afternoon if those darn kids will leave me alone.