Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Monday, Monday

Left work yesterday at one o'clock. Baby Chicken was supposed to have a recorder concert sometime during school. That, of course, was postponed, but I already asked for the time off. So I went home.
And how wonderful was it?
It was fucking grand, let me tell you.
Settled my little laptop on my lap and went to town on Earth Goddess and WATS. Wrote around four thousand words or so. Felt accomplished. *nodding* I was home for the chickens when they arrived. Whipped up some French toast.
I had it going on.
What a difference four hours makes.
Who knew?
You simply don't realize how much you miss those hours until you get them back, however briefly. I felt wonderful yesterday. Had time to listen to the chickens. Wrote on my book. Listened to the chickens some more.
So instead of beating my damn head against the wall at work and wondering what in the blue hell some people were thinking...I was kicked back in my yoga pants and tank top writing and waiting for the girls.
A Monday I can live with.

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