Friday, April 04, 2008

Chicken update

I've already stated that Middle Chicken will be the death of me. Right? RIGHT???
*deep breath*
Okay, then.

Middle Chicken doesn't seem to understand a lot of her work while in class. However, she is more than willing to bring it home, procrastinate, and then have me reeducate her after I've worked a long eight hour shift.
Sadistic, isn't she?
The other night, she had math homework. Fractions. *collective groan* Yeah. Really. All about improper fractions and proper fractions and multiplying and yada yada yada.
She didn't "get" it in class. So I'm trying to explain how you can take the diagonal numbers and make them smaller. She was doing it the HARD way. You know...coming up with huge numbers like 240 over 16. *eye twitch*
So I tell her to bring me a piece of scratch paper, and I'll show her the EASY way. And finally, miraculously, she does it. And smiles the rest of the evening. Because let me tell you, there were tears before that.
That must have been a turning point.
Because last night, the girl had her stuff together. She was ALL OVER her homework. Me=very proud. (And wondering how long this will last.) But we don't think about that, really. We simply embrace the good stuff now. Store up the feeling. So we can eke it out slowly to get through the rest of this school year without coloring our hair AGAIN. *sigh*
Oldest Chicken and Baby Chicken made the honor roll again. WOO!!! Yay!!! Love that.
Only about seven more weeks of school. Baby Chicken has it counted down to the day. *eye roll* I pretend I don't hear the number. It's somehow better that way. pfffffttttttt

And me?
For the love of God. I LOVE the cover of Wind Goddess, but it's giving me fits. I dragged my ass home yesterday because I simply could find no other way to get it there. And there are the other stories. I'm thinking about sporadically posting free short stories on my sites. Some way to relieve the creative pressure without giving myself a literary aneurysm.


Lyvvie said...

My kid tells me "The teacher doesn't do it like that! We must do it her way!" and then I choke because - easy way is best, why teach the hard, long painful way? OH and show your work! Or you'll fail. I hated maths!

I'm currently reading a collection of short stories and loving it (By Kate Atkinson) so maybe collect them all and market a collection? Busy people sometimes only have time for short stories. And, you know, places like Japan have a huge industry in short stories that one can read on the cell phone while commuting.

Just saying. Well done to your Girls for the great work they've put in. And you too, no kid gets honor roll without a supportive parent.

Mr. Me said...

What grade is middle chicken in again? Fractions... eeek... been a while since I've done them. That's so awesome you can help her out, though.

We've had many of those nights in our family where mom and dad were trying to teach us a concept.

I find counting down the time makes it seem longer, because the anticipation builds, and the less you want to be there. 9 more weeks for me, 10 if you count finals week. EEK. Yuck. That sounds painful.

Lyvvie said...

Where'd you go?!