Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hellbent and overbooked

Two chickens are home today sick. And, of course, it's storming like a mother here. *eye roll*
Never fails.

Lyvvie, my love, where have I been? *grins*
I've been pulling my hair out over Wind Goddess. Dealing with difficulties at the job and personally, and generally wondering where in the hell the year has gone. And you?

I'm working on Wind Goddess this evening. Have a late night at work. Short staffed as far as that goes. Usually four of us. Tonight=two. Could be very good. Could be very bad.

Once again, the stories are all atwist in my head. I, so very badly, want to work on a manuscript that I can submit to an agent. But that's just not meant to be right now. I believe I have enough on my plate.
Okay, my platter.
So it's Wind Goddess. Fitting the pieces seamlessly together and thanking God that my next release isn't going to be out until October. A little breathing room there.

I've actually DENIED myself the pleasure of reading. This is akin to sticking bamboo shoots under my fingernails. It's just too damn painful. The latest J.D. Robb and The Wire in the Blood (Yes, TORI!!! It's a book that I suppose the BBC series is based on. *rubbing hands together*)sit on my desk. Beckoning me with pure literary escapism. Whispering my name. Promising endless hours of wonderful fiction. *sigh*
And I'm denying myself because I'm under so much freaking pressure to finish this book.
I hate pressure.
Takes all the damn fun out of the project. Because it's "gotta gotta gotta" instead of "I want to."
Which royally sucks.
Love the story. LOVE the cover.
But screw it all, the son of a bitch won't write itself.


Tori Lennox said...

You guys are okay, I trust? I am so tired of this crazy weather. It's got me so stressed out.

Lyvvie said...

We just got soaked on a walk back from Play Planet (which is an indoor three story kiddie gym full of screeching, sugar junkies. Oi!) as the heavens opened and poured like a sumbitch.

I didn't know you were still writing Wind Goddess, I figured since the cover was done the book was done. this publishing stuff is all such a mystery!

I've started taking out tons from the library to bury my head. I'm using my Mother's way of telling the world to get lost by putting a book barrier up between us. It doesn't work.

They go back to school on Monday.

Rene said...

I tend to write better if I'm reading. Not sure why but the two things seem to be linked.

Ummm....Wind Goddess comes out next month, right? No wonders you are stressed. Great cover, BTW. Good luck and get that book done.

Crystal* said...

Tori: Yep. We're okay. Apparently under a tornado warning at one point. *eye roll*
Spring seems to have started early this year.
Lyvvie: *snickering* Wind Goddess is SUPPOSED to be done. *sigh* I swear. And lately...frequently. But the edits always go really quickly.
Rene: Thanks! And oh yeah...I'm feeling the stress. It's pretty bad when your publisher leaves a message on your MySpace that says: "I hope you're writing."
Love y'all!!!