Monday, March 24, 2008

The voices in my head...a literary odyssey

The voices in my head are really beginning to drive me slightly mad.
I MUST finish Wind Goddess in the next couple of weeks. But Earth Goddess keeps intruding. Nice little dialogue. Scenes that keep popping up in my head. Sheesh
Then there's WATS. Now that one's lovely. And I have this training scene that I need to work on. AFTER Wind Goddess. *eye roll*
Then there's this fantastic idea for SWTWC. Oh sure. It's fabulous. Seriously. Imaginative. Fun. And Paranormal, of course.
And I've even jotted down a lovely paragraph dialogue for TW. Because the damn story will NOT get out of my head!!!
I'm telling you. I need to charge rent or something. Everything's just crowding in and driving me crazy.
But wait...there's more.
I have a short story I planned on submitting to Amazon Shorts that's halfway done. I stopped in the middle of a sex scene. Sorry, Mac.
And I have the first chapter of another Paranormal.
For the love of God.
So that's what's boucing around above the shoulders. Carry on a normal conversation? I couldn't possibly. I'm too busy refereeing the voices in my head.

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Tori Lennox said...

Man, your characters are just as pushy as mine are. *g*