Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The good, the bad, and the "Holy shit! Are you kidding me?"

I'm back!!!

And so is my Muse/Talent/Energy. Yay! Had a bit of an epiphany last night. Seems like my discipline needed a good, swift kick in the ass. I gave it one. So. I'm back on track! That be the good news.

The bad news...*sigh*...Brett Favre has decided to retire from the Green Bay Packers. This wounds me deeply. :)~~

He's the reason I began to watch football in the first place. And I'm going to miss him terribly! No other quarterback measures up. Guess we'll wait for the next season to see who I want to watch now.

And as far as the "Holy shit!" news...I'm beginning to wonder if my children are going to put me in an early grave. It seems that no matter what I do, there is always MORE that they want/need/decide to torture me with. I finally had a little meltdown last night and put my foot down. I know that went over SOOOOOOOOOOO well. *grins* Ah, well. That's why I'M the Mama!!!


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Lyvvie said...

Congrats on getting back into your groove. Don't feel down about Brett, he'll probably hang around in a coach like job or something. Folks who love the game that much can't get away from it for ever.

Girls are awful for neeed! They neeed juice, they neeed toys, they neeed to watch pokemon or they'll just DIE. and aren't we awful mothers for understanding and giving into this deep rooted neeed our daughters struggle with.

Seriously though, better juice, toys and TV than boys. Oi vey, I can wait for that to come.