Friday, March 28, 2008

Mascara is the devil's tool

I don't wear make-up. My idea of wearing make-up is to pop on powder (to take off the shine) and lipstick (because I like color.)
But today...I'm being interviewed by the local paper. WOO! How exciting is that? So, I decide, in my infinite wisdom, that if there are pictures, mebbe I need to put forth a little more effort.
This translates to--mascara.
I hate mascara.
And ironically, the make-up maven (i.e. Middle Chicken) is the only one in the house with mascara. So I ask if I can borrow some.
Can I tell you how many flipping times I poked myself in the eye? Or how many pieces of toilet paper gave their lives so that I didn't look like Cruella DeVille? Um...several.
But the kicker? The evil heifer (once again, said Middle Chicken) doesn't give me the $6 mascara I bought her. Oh hell no. She gives me the cheap little mascara that came in a make-up kit.
I'm the Mama. Surely to God that should mean I get the good stuff.
So we'll be discussing that after school today. *grins*
On the writing front...same rules still apply. Finishing Wind Goddess. Hell in a handbasket. It's the hardest book I've had to write. I'm not sure if it's because I've been sick so much off and on or just because all the rest of the characters in my head won't let up.
Either sucks.
Saturday I'll be going to a breakfast for Gear-Up for Oldest Chicken. There will be talk of colleges and info passed out to give us all an idea of possible ways to finance such an endeavor. Plus, I'm hoping my appearance will help Oldest Chicken get into the Upward Bound program this Summer. *fingers crossed*
And speaking of Oldest Chicken...she has Eighth Grade Promotion in May. She'll be going into High School.
*eye twitch*
My God! I remember being in high school. Sure it was almost two decades ago. But hey! I've got a long memory. VERY long. LOL
My twenty year reunion is next year. How time flies.
So that's about it from here.
Hope your weekend is a good one!


Tori Lennox said...

I can't even remember the last time I wore makeup. Of any kind. The closest I get now is Chapstick. *g*

Lyvvie said...

If I had to have one item of cosmetics it would be mascara. And the eyelash curler. I go from troll to glam with mascara. The best brand ever is Max Factor. Oh, and I know you wear glasses, is that why you poked yourself in the eye? You can get special glasses that have flip down lenses so you have one good eye to see with. I had a friend who was really blind, and she'd use her glasses like a monocle or magnifying glass, so one eye could focus while the other applied. My mom uses a super magnification mirror (Not for mascara but for chin plucking). But what a naughty kid to give Mom the cheap stuff!

I despise liquid foundation - it's the evil!

Rene said...

I wear make up once in a blue moon. I was going to try and make an effort, but I lost interest pretty quick.

My oldest starts jr. high next year and they are already talking college prep with these kids. My son will do fine, although he is going to be a stress fiend, I can tell.

High school was over 20 years ago for me and I've been spending all this time trying to forget it.