Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Yeah. That's my subconscious. It has that annoying habit of chanting NOW NOW NOW just about every second of every day. Rare is the day that it simply shuts the hell up.

I'm a "RIGHT NOW" kind of individual. And this has been dialed down from my manic NOW NOW NOW mindset. Seriously. I'm still wound tight...just not as tightly.

Please don't mistake my mindset for high maintenance. Two entirely different beasties. I wouldn't know fashion if it bit me on the ass. No idea which styles are "in." Don't care, quite honestly. But if I did know or care, I would want them RIGHT NOW. *laughing*

Today we are without computers. And to tell the truth, I kind of like it. In this "right now" world, I catch myself saying..."hold on a minute." (The devil may be donning ice skates as you read this. You just never know.)
And I simply take my time to get all the information and then move on to the next person. Not a bad day whatsoever.

And totally OFF the subject...Things that I know that I really don't need to know.
1. Sara Evans is getting divorced because her man is addicted to porn and a piece of shit.
2. Madonna adopted a child.
3. Nicole and Paris are friends again.

Now you know these worthless things, too.


Tori Lennox said...

Due to my not having a life, I've been hearing about those three things all week. *g*

chrystal casey said...

I don't have a life but I hadn't heard anything about those things. I really like Sara Evans too. That's too bad. I had heard he was cheating on her but not about the porn.