Monday, October 09, 2006

Habla Espanol?

I don't. Wish that I did. I can only pick out a few phrases and words.
But Saturday night I couldn't find anything to watch and began to channel-surf. Lo and behold...Underworld was on. I vaguely knew it was about werewolves and vampires. And the chickie who stars in it had a kick-ass outfit. Other than that...not so much.
So I flip over, and it's in the middle of a big fight scene. Pretty cool. People transforming and such. Eight minutes later, a character opens her mouth, and out pops...Spanish.

I blink. Squint. Blink again.
Then realize I've tuned into Telemundo, I believe. (Apologies if I'm wrong on the name.)
Did I already mention that there was NOTHING on?
So I watched it. Almost the entire movie. In Spanish. And to tell the truth, it was fascinating.
Did I get the plotline? Sure. The emotions? You betcha. I didn't need all the frivolous dialogue. I paid attention to body language. A LOT. Voice inflections. All that.
And I came to realize that I quit listening to the words, so to speak. I began to use my eyes more. To catch something that would tell me more than mere words. A look. A tear. Eyes widening. Glaring. Bodies moving from one position to the next. Open. Or defensive.
Quite a little lesson. Not to mention a movie that wasn't half bad.

What else did I learn? Well...Deal or No Deal in Spanish is "Vas O No Vas."


Tori Lennox said...

ROFL!!! Sounds like something I would do. *g* In fact, I have, though I watched Spanish soap operas. HISTORICAL soap operas, no less. I kept hoping for Zorro to show up. LOL!

Rene said...

"Donde esta el bano?"

"Mas cervesas, por favor"

"Te quiero,amigo."

Actually I know more than this, but the first one is pretty important followed by the second. If you do the second, you will most certainly need the first. If you do a lot of number two, you may end up with number three.

Underworld was okay. But I know what you mean by watching without listening. When I was on the plane, "The Devil Wears Prada" was on. I didn't want to watch it but I kept looking up. Meryl Streep is so expressive, she can deliver dialogue without opening her mouth. Helpful for a writer to see expressions in action.

Amy said...

That's a cool idea for studying all things not dialogue. The foreign language might've made me crazy but maybe someday I'll try that. :)