Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Doctor

Okay. Yeah. I'll admit it. I'm a pretty cool customer. If George Clooney or Hugh Jackman were to stroll into my place of business...I would be calm. Seriously. Unless Hugh was wearing Wolverine costume. Then all bets would be off. hehehe

But I am FANATICAL about Dr. Who. Really.
Okay. I KNOW it's David Tennant. I KNOW these things. I realize that the TARDIS is a simple police box. I KNOW the words are scripted. I can be a fairly logical human being. But I swear to God, if that man walked into my work, I would squeal like a schoolgirl and probably swoon. Swoon, I tell ya! And I do NOT squeal. Just so you know. And swooning? Nope. Never have.
This show rises so far above all other television shows that I simply can't make a reasonable comparison.
Children are not allowed to come into my room during this program. If they do, they are taking their collective lives into their own hands. Seriously. *nodding* This is common knowledge in my domicile.

I. Love. This. Show.

It's the character. Here is a man who holds the Universe in his hands. Not human. But more human than some we share the planet with. Compassionate. Funny. Mysterious. Wounded.
And good Lord! He's an incredible character. Delightful. And heaven knows I'm wondering right now who I can bribe/blackmail/harm/help to get to visit the set one day.
Do they have protective orders in England?


Tori Lennox said...

That's a road trip I want in on, girlfriend! *g* And I'd be squealing right along with you if he walked into my life. :)

chrystal casey said...

I think it is great too. I have watched it since it started aring in the US

Michelle said...

You are too funny! :) Happy stalking.

Jill Monroe said...

I was a huge fan growing up, so when a friend brought us a copy from the BBC which we watched through the iPod, I couldn't be more excited.

I watched every Christopher Eccleston episode almost back to back over a week period. He is the first Doctor I've ever found attractive. I loved his intensity and his sense of humor - and yes, I know there are writers, but actors do bring their skills.

I've yet to see a David T. episode, but I'm looking forward to it!