Friday, October 06, 2006

Just a nod

I'll tell you what I like. *wink* The PG version.

A nod.

When Bon Jovi sings a new song but gives a nod to an old one. When a book respectfully reminds us of another character. Another couple.
I'm not talking about a series. That's a different story entirely.
A nod.

Just a little tip o' the brim to another artist. A reminder of someone or something else that brings a memory to the forefront. A sense of nostalgia for some. A simple sign of respect for another.
Some singers sample songs. Most are absolutely dynamic. A way to blend two into one that's stronger and more ear-catching.
Just a nod.
Makes a difference.

1 comment:

Olga said...

I like nods, too. Not gushing, over-sweetened mile-long praise, or a long series of books where there should be only one. Just a nod.