Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Too much for one blog...Part 3

I love my jobs.
All three of them. Mama. Writer. Worker.

But on the writing...I think I've become a bit jaded. I like to read the dialogue more than the *ahem* physical scenes. I would rather laugh over the characters' antics than worry about the horizontal (or vertical) dancing they may be doing.
Worries me a bit.

Sure. I'm all for connecting physically. But that's easy. REAL easy.
I don't need my characters, or those I read, to discuss Plato or Wordsworth. But I need a spark. One that will ignite and strengthen the characters through verbal as well as physical contact.
I read a MJ Davidson book last night. One of her Queen of the Vampire books. And I laughed my ass off. Betsy and Sinclair don't have the problems in bed. They have them when they try to protect one another and try to relate on other levels.
And let me tell you... it makes for some great copy.

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Nancy J. Bond said...

Phew! What a great post/s! I love dialogue in a story, too, and yours is always zippy! Nothing moves a scene along better than witty, playful dialogue.