Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Too much for one blog...Part 1

Popeye Lied

You know he did. Do you SEE all the things going wrong with spinach these days? OMG! And I went on a spinach salad binge about a month and a half ago. Thank GOD I've gotten over that. *grins*
Back to the beef, people. Moo. And then some.
The kids are having a little hallelujah party. They're wondering if they can put cauliflower in the same pasture. Heathens. *snort*

Life is bipping right along. Had ANOTHER idea for a story. *rolls eyes* What IS it? No time and plenty of ideas. Turned the corner with an important manuscript. We'll see what's shaking there this weekend.
Yes. I have a WHOLE weekend to write.
I don't know why I'm excited. I always say that and something ALWAYS comes up. *sigh* Such as it is.

Baby chicken is going to be a reporter for her school newspaper. How exciting is that??? I'm tickled. And so is she. In fact, she didn't even let me get out of the car before she verbally attacked me with her cheese-eating grin and big news. Heifer. *laughing*
Part 2 in minutes.

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