Monday, September 25, 2006


First of all, I began my morning by getting to the dentist by eight o'clock and proceeding to go through Dental Purgatory. The third level is getting three shots in my mouth and then yankage of offending tooth. And oh shit. It hurt like holy hell. The perk? Loritab. LMAO

Once again, I am forced to confront the kids' school about inane rules. tucking one's shirt in. A teacher threatened my oldest with a pink slip. No. Not even close. It's not in the handbook, and it's not happening.
The new principal has taken it upon himself to try to enforce this rule. Oh...and another charming sidenote to this year. The new coach for the middle school actually told one of OUR students (he better thank God it wasn't any of my children) at a game at another get his head out of his ass.
You read that right.
And people wonder why I become so irritated with these so-called leaders of our youth.

And the haha? Here it is:
There was a little meeting after school explaining to the children that bringing home an attitude simply wasn't acceptable. And then THEY'RE trying to explain that they've had bad days. So I explain that we can work with that.
And the middle chicken pipes up, "I wish school was like the movies. I could just buy a ticket and then go home."
Yeah. That's my middle chickie.

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Tori Lennox said...

*hugs* on the pulled tooth. But drugs good!

I can't believe some of the idiots teaching or in charge of schools these days.

LOL re buying a ticket for school!