Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Wrote around six thousand words this last weekend. *smile*
Go me!

But what really weighs on my mind this evening is anonymity and the freedom it allows.
I like message boards. Really, I do. I like to pop my opinion out there and either support or negate what is already being said. And for message boards where I visit quite frequently, there is a sense of community.
I love it.
Now. I'm pretty sure we're all aware of my lack of shyness. *GRINS* I'm just saying. But, quite honestly, I don't surround myself with multitudes of people whom I hang out with on a day-to-day basis. Not at all, in fact. I'm very solitary. So I find myself seeking out at least a sense of community.
And since I don't have it in my every day life, I suppose I find it online.

I have a "username." Too much fun picking THAT bad boy out. And I have a profile where I fill in pertinent information. Then I post to my heart's content and find my "friends" online. And it fills the need. Not to mention, these people don't know me. I don't prevaricate on the boards. But it's not like these lovely individuals see me every day and can measure my posted words to my every day words.
There is a degree of freedom in that. In expressing myself without all the disapproval and shit that can go along with it.
I'm me. With all the fun that entails.
So. If you're bipping around and find a slightly snarky individual who loves chocolate with nuts, buttered pecan ice-cream, and has three maddening lovely teenage daughters...don't blow my cover.


Tori Lennox said...

Anonymity is fun, isn't it? *g*

Rose Ghost said...

HellO! You sent me an offline IM on yahoo. I only had chance to read the first few words though. Could you emai me at Thank you!

Sarah-Jane Lehoux said...

Hiya! Stumbled across your blog, and this post in particular caught my eye. I, too, am solitary and enjoy the instant interactions received from message boards. But all too often, I get waaaaaaaaaay too caught up in childish fights and flame wards. So now I have to limit my message board activity or else become troll food!