Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My head...the Final Frontier

Caught just the last half of an old Star Trek episode the other day with Baby Chicken. She was fascinated. Just shows the good stuff lasts. No matter the three decade span. *grins*

Feeling a bit apathetic of late. Not too good, methinks. Seems like the economy and life in general just seem to sucketh.
Ok, parts. Not ALL of it. *smile*
But enthusiasm? Not. So. Much.

Oldest Chicken came home for the weekend from Upward Bound. And let me just tell ya...after she ran out of stories...she SLEPT for two days. Not to mention the thoughtless heifer had her bags packed and ready to go Saturday evening even though she didn't have to be back until Sunday after 6 pm.
Good thing I'm not prone to complexes, eh?

Work is damn busy. Summer always kicks our collective ass. So I struggle with getting up in the morning. Once again...no damn enthusiasm. *sigh*
They need to bottle that stuff.
Plus, I feel like I have to be the entertainment director for Baby Chicken. If I hear "I'm bored" one more freakin' time...I'm likely to put aside maternal feelings and say something decidedly unpleasant.
Middle Chicken is just getting along with her bad self. She's been banned (for now) from MySpace and Runescape for taking it upon herself to contact a certain boy on there. It's a bitch being the parent sometimes, isn't it???
Yeah. That's what I think.

Wrote a bit this last weekend. Earth Goddess will be finished by the end of August. It's not an uphill, in the snow, struggle like Wind Goddess. Thank the Lord for that one.
And I want to finish WATS and shove it off to an agent. After I coo and say a little prayer over it. LOL

That's about it from here. I'm sure I've forgotten something. Or several somethings.
Later blogs, my dears. Later blogs.


Tori Lennox said...

Well, which episode of ST: TOS was it??? *g*

Lyvvie said...

*Cough*four decades*Cough*

My Mom used to tell me "Only boring people get bored. An exciting person can find entertainment anywhere." or "Go read a book."

I think that may explain to some extent why I get anxiety because if I'm bored, I must be being really boring so I must DO Something!

Certain boy? Is this a bad boy? A forbidden fruit kind of boy?