Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday, Monday

Let's see.
Had my last nicotine nail yesterday evening a bit after seven. And do I want one? Or six?
Sure, I do.
I would smoke three or four on the way to work. Two at break. Three at lunch. Two more at last break. Three or four on the way home. Plus at least half a dozen more that night. Usually more.
There's that.

Cleaned yesterday. Did my sheets and whatnot. Caught up on laundry. And did Tae-Bo.
Yep. Ya heard me. TAE-BO.
Let me tell ya, I haven't done tae-bo in years. But when I did, you could really tell. And me, being the all or nothing individual that I am, threw myself right in there. So my right hip is killing me!!! LOL
Nice feeling of accomplishment going on yesterday.
Craving the nicotine and cursing the fact that it's Monday.
Higher hopes for tomorrow.

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Lyvvie said...

My advice for dealing with cravings, which often gets ignored but is very valid, is this: when you're really wanting one, put a few white tic-tacs or strong mints in your mouth and suck. then when your mouth is really minty, go put your face in the freezer and take deep lungsfull of cold air. The minty feeling will tingle down into your chest and it goes some way to help with that feeling of inhale/exhale. You even get a nice puff of cold air smoke.

Trust me. It helps. And you'll smell better than if you light up a fag. I'll let you giggle over that cultural turn of phrase. The better one is gagging for a fag.

Tic-tacs and a freezer. You can do it. Now go video yourself doing tae-bo.