Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Yesterday was my birthday...

...and it sucked.

It had some highlights. (Thanks Amber, Shaun, and chickens.)

But all in all, I could have bypassed the entire shitty day. Plans fell through. I was trapped in a meeting. You know those commercials where the office people are out in the jungle? Yeah. Something like that.
My God. I was wishing for a sharp object to poke my jugular with.

So I have vacation for the rest of the week. Eh. Not quite feeling the wonderfulness of it yet, though I DID sleep in this morning. But I suppose I'll do some writing. Bip around and enjoy the time to myself.
Still feels the same.

Enjoy the rest of your week.


Tori Lennox said...

*hugs* on the sucky day!!!

But now see, if I'd had that sharp object, I'd probably have preferred using it on other people. *g*

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Hugs on the shitty day but happy belated birthday! I hope your vacation is shaping up to be wonderful.

Mr. Me said...


Hope the vacation makes up for the not so great birthday!!!

Lyvvie said...

I'm 36 Too! Hooray!! We need a club. Maybe just a baseball bat would do? Get our frustrations out and then go have drinks.

Hope it got better and you ate cake. You must eat cake. HUGS & KISSES I love you!

Rene said...

Happy belated Birthday! Personally, I despise birthdays, always have. Last birthday was my 40th so Hubby made a big deal about it as did my mother. Blech...