Monday, February 25, 2008

Sharpening my intellect...

...also known as playing a Yahoo game for thirteen hours yesterday.

I downloaded Bookworm Adventures onto my laptop Saturday. And I received a couple of free trial turns. But that was enough. I played for a couple of hours Saturday. And then I really got into it Sunday.
I beat the game.
Yeah. That's right. I BEAT THE GAME!!!

It's the cute little worm from Bookworm on Yahoo. And he's on an adventure to save some literary chickie. And he has to battle all sorts of mythical creatures. With WORDS.

The bigger the word, the more powerful the blow the little worm delivers.
I kicked ass.
That's all I'm saying.

And kudos to the chickens. Especially oldest chicken who could look at sixteen tiles and think up nine letter words.
I'm so proud.

As for the vacation, I got sick again (wheezing, coughing crap this time) Wednesday.
I sleep with earplugs. I have a hard time shutting down at night. I'm like the dude in daredevil.
Gotta have the silence.
So I pop the earplugs in and doze off.
I wake myself at four in the morning with a pounding heart because I think I hear someone talking.
I was hearing myself wheezing because the earplugs trapped the horrible sound in my head.
Oh yeah. That was extremely special.
So I'm taking OTC meds. Hoping to halt that crap. And I'm back to work today. And the piles...they are huge. pfffffftttttt

UPDATE: Holy crap. Can't believe I forgot to put this in!!!
Baby Chicken is at a Scholastic Meet today. *grins* For English, of course.
Have a good one!!!


Tori Lennox said...

Sounds like a banner weekend. :)

Lyvvie said...

You would love Countdown. It's a brilliant game show here. It's all word scrambles and quick maths and...well I love it. We should compete.

You were mentioning your huge piles and I at first though we were listening your physical health. TMI! but it's not what I thought, but piles of work! which is far easier to read about.

Feel better soon and Good Luck to Scholastic Chicken!