Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Evan had the right idea

It's raining here. Again. Flood warnings. Rivers pushing over their banks. Quite a precipatory cluster.
I just finished writing an article (about myself *snicker*) for the WCP July Newsletter. And now I need to get back to the business of writing.
I know what I SHOULD be writing. But I'm being torn in two different directions. OK, possibly three. We all know what a literary schizophrenic I am. So I have Water Goddess. And a short story. And I was going to abbreviate the last title, but you would probably be shocked and offended. Apparently the letters spell out an um...not-so-nice word.
Hell, I was shocked. LOL

Finally firmed up plans to take a vacation in August with the chickens! Yay! I'm so excited. Going with a friend. And we are going to have such a great time. The girls and I haven't been on a vacation in I don't know when. So this'll be really nice for them. I've already got the days off. And now...the countdown commences. And don't think I haven't been fielding THAT question six times a day. *eye roll*

And you know all those vampire romances and whatnot I've been reading? Well...apparently I've O.D.'d

Had a dream about three nights ago that I was bitten by some bad vampire individual. So I'm woozy and must go appeal to the higher echelon of vampire society. And I remember in the dream that it was Mikhail from the Carpathian series. Wrath from the Brotherhood series. And the demon king (can't get a grip on his name right this second) from the Jacquelyn Frank series.
Oh yeah. *nodding*
Then I woke up.

Perhaps I should ease back from the vampiric reading a bit.

addendum: I had this revelation at 10:35 last night. The demon king's name is NOAH. Sheesh!

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Tori Lennox said...

Maybe the vampires were trying to get you to build an ark. *g*