Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Monday didn't happen

I didn't stand on my feet seven hours out of eight yesterday. We weren't bombarded with customers. My hip didn't throb (and it still isn't) from the constant going and doing. We weren't shorthanded. I didn't take *ahem* several ibuprofen. Nope. Uh uh. Refuse to even go there.
Monday didn't happen.

Today? Much better. I'm still keeping my mental block up so I don't harm someone, but other than that...SO MUCH BETTER!!!

And for the reading/writing part of my program...picked up Christine Feehan's "Dark" (Carpathian) series. And I've enjoyed most of them. There's a recurring theme (okay, several). But my romantic little heart just goes pitter-pat for the whole "lifemate" business.
That's what keeps those romantic little books flying off shelves. *nodding*

What have you read lately that struck a chord?

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Rene said...

Jim Butcher's Dresden Files has really struck a chord with me. I love his books. And his hero is such a good guy but has to make horrible choices. Charlaine Harris is another author whose books really pull me in. And how can I forget Dean Koontz' "Odd" series. "Odd Thomas" was one of the few books that actually had me bawling. A rare thing. I adore his hero, just a wonderful character.