Monday, June 04, 2007

Here and now

I STILL haven't gotten my July Romantic Times magazine in the mail. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
So I will wait and post the dang review when I finally receive that.

Work has been hell on wheels with people out sick and vacations and whatnot. I'm mentally shredded right now. And I just finished the Errata for Fire Goddess. Due out July 1, 2007. Damn time flies.
Also...Summer Solstice Scorchers is out NOW!!! Hie thee to Whiskey Creek Press Torrid and getcha some. Romance Junkies gave us 4.5 ribbons. *grins* Not bad at all.

The girls and I have been piddling around together. Nothing helps mend wounds like togetherness. So, believe me, we're together.
Watching movies, Finding Waldo (I kid you not), foraging through I Spy books (yes. My children ARE adolescents...and your point is?), doing tricks in the front yard, and playing charades.
The charades were flippin' hilarious. I'm trying to explain the concept. Middle chicken wanted to spell out (in sign) who or what she was. *snickering* Too damn funny. And then she proceeded to bring imaginary trays out and set them on the ground. Oldest chicken pretended to grab them, so Middle chicken took out her imaginary tape (picturing me rolling on my bed laughing) and taped them down. They are too much fun. Seriously.

We're going swimming Friday. Going to put some sun on this pale body and (hopefully) be energized by the rays. Not burnt, mind you. Energized. There is SUCH a difference there.

Thanks for all the congrats on my review. *ahem* That I STILL haven't read. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr



Tori Lennox said...

ROFL re taping down the imaginary trays with imaginary tape! Such fun! :)

Rene said...

I got mine and saw your review. Isn't that cool? Hope you get yours soon.