Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Why I spent Christmas morning in the ER

Well then.

Been one hell of an ending to a year, don't you think? And yes, at 6:30 am Christmas morning, I was in the nearest ER because I'd been throwing up for nine hours straight. A nice shot in the hip (burned like hellfire itself), and I've quit throwing up. Now if I could only take care of the other end.
Ah. Well.

Kids had a great Christmas. And I hope you and yours did, too.

I've spent a bit of time (when not throwing up, sitting on the toilet, or sleeping) putting bits of my life into perspective.
First...I will never, not EVER, eat cream cheese again. Because the second time 'round is NO good for NOBODY.
Second...I won't be attending RT this year, though I had originally planned on it. I think buying another computer first would be best.
Third...it's stuff. And I cope with this on a day-to-day basis. I'll think of something that I used to have and try to readjust my thinking to 1)Realize it's gone. 2)Know it's never coming back.
Stuff. Just stuff.
Fourth...People are fundamentally good. And I have enough Thank You cards to write to prove it. Thank God.
Fifth...the writing will come. My Muse scattered with the ashes of the house, I'm thinking. Because I can't get into the swing of it for anything. Irritating? Yes. But I know it'll come back. Because I still get those little pieces of dialogue/character/story at the oddest times. I'm just scared to open the floodgates when I don't have a trusty desktop to take the load off. Longhand? I think it would be a nightmare. If I can't transcribe from thought to fingertip, I'll lose something in there. So I'll wait a bit on that.

I have no pearls of wisdom. I barely have enough "oomph" right now to type this. But I wanted all of you to know that I wish you and yours the best of holidays and happiest of new years.


Anonymous said...

May you stay recovered and everything work out for the best for you and yours.

Rene said...

Geez louise, that's awful. You poor dear.

I would think writing would be the last thing you could think of right now, but it will come. I can't write longhand myself, can't read my own writing.

Hope things get better this week. I'm glad you had a nice holiday despite the trials.

Nancy J. Bond said...

Yuck on the flu...but I'm so glad you had a happy holiday. :)

As for the writing...the Phoenix rose anew from ashes -- I'm sure that you, and some of your best writing will, also.

Lyvvie said...

Get better, get better!!

All of this is a new beginning, right down to the bacterial detox. Everything new, and shiny and great. Find the new, shiny, great perspectives and all will be wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Well sunshine I wish I had more to give to you than I do. But you've known me for years and know that I love you! I can honestly say that you are an inspiration to us all. 2007 should be a banner year, since 2006 went out in a blaze...pardon the pun.
Katie L.

chrystal casey said...

Wishing your family a better start to 2007.

Bryan said...

2007 has to be better, right? Right?

You know, I thought my 2006 sucked, right up until December smacked you upside the head without even saying "excuse me".

Keep taking care of yourself and the wee chickens, Crystal. I'll know you're okay when I see the grin* again. Until then, I'm still sending hugs and prayers.

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