Thursday, April 07, 2016


Like lots of love.
Like the app has a precious place on my iPhone.

I have access to movies when they're fairly new.  And that's all well and good.  But the time? Spending two hours of precious time watching something that may be good or may make you want to pull your eyelashes out.
Not a fan.
Or being all hyped up about a certain movie only to have it suck ass from the get-go.  I'm talking to you (Green Lantern) Ryan Reynolds.  I did laugh my ass off during "Deadpool" so we may find a middle ground yet.

But IMDb feeds my story fetish in a timely manner.  I've taken to reading the synopsis of several movies.  One of the last ones I read was "The Revenant".  The only DiCaprio movie I've ever watched was "Inception".  And I enjoyed its confusing criss-cross.  Still unsure of the ending.  *shrug*  Even though the talented man won an Oscar for it, I knew I would not spend time watching the movie even though it sounded interesting.
So I read it.
And I'm good.
(Funny offshoot.  I started to call Leo the "talented YOUNG man".  Then I had to Google his age only to find out he's three measly years younger than myself.  It matters not.  He is so incredibly DYNAMIC.)

I can either spend two hours watching a movie, or I can IMDb it, spend three minutes reading the synopsis, and then move one with my life.
I love it.

And the movies that I'm looking forward to?  I couldn't tell you how many times I watched the "Guardians of the Galaxy" trailers before I saw it in the theater.  Right now I'm stuck on "Suicide Squad".  I can't wait.

I find it a more efficient use of my time.  When I read the story, I can picture it in my mind.  I don't need surround sound or a ten dollar bucket of popcorn.  I only need the written word and my imagination.
So I can spend that other one-hundred seventeen doing something I KNOW is productive.
Or, you know, watching more IMDb trailers.

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Mark R Hunter said...

It's not efficient for me, because I tend to check out a movie on IMDB *after* I've watched it. Just the same, I also love the website--I'm a big fan of all the behind the scenes stuff.