Wednesday, April 06, 2016

A bit eclectic

I like lots of things.
I rarely pop myself in one group because that's too confining.
As for music, I enjoy everything from Classical to Hard Rock.  Country to Soundtrack.  Opera to Jazz.  If it touches me, I really don't give two shits what "genre" it's classified.

I also utilize this in writing books.
Yes.  I write romance.  I LOVE romance.  It's been the backbone of my reading pleasure for more years than I care to admit.  I will admit, however, that I was a precocious child.
Things have not changed.

But with the romance, I like to spread out.  I've written Contemporary, Time Travel, Erotic, Paranormal, and Fantasy.
And now that I'm looking for an agent, I wonder if they're looking for someone who will stay in the niche that they've painted themselves in.

I'm currently working on a five-book series Fantasy Romance, an Erotic Paranormal, and a Philosophical Fiction.
One may look at these and think that they couldn't possibly have anything in common.
But they do.

I actually think several writers have a diversified view of their works.  And I've listened to local bestselling authors who are stepping AWAY from their bread and butter to check out the buffet.
I love that.
I believe that the more you listen to yourself and your own voice, that you simply cannot go wrong.

So if you've an idea for a multi-genre story or even a story with different elements than the norm...GO FOR IT.
It's never been done.
Until it is.


Mark R Hunter said...

I've been wondering about that niche question when hunting agents, myself. Generally I look for agents who represent all the areas I write in: romantic comedy, SF, YA, action/adventure, a little mystery mixed in sometimes ... although I leave out my non-fiction efforts when querying. But maybe it would be easier to hook an agent by just mentioning one genre? People in the industry do seem to like "platforms".

Crystal* said...

People in the industry like making that sale. It IS a risk to write across genres in one work, but I believe it can be done and done well. I also believe that there are agents out there who can recognize well-written pieces even though they don't quite fit into that round hole. I also believe that writing will bleed across genres now like music does. It's simply going to take time and people who push that envelope. Best of luck on the hunting agents!