Thursday, April 07, 2016

Day off tomorrow

I'm so damn excited!!!

First of all, I will be able to sleep in.  Past five.  In the morning.  When it's dark outside.
Second of all, I believe I'll be dropping by Sprouts.  They're building one about a mile away from my house, but they have miles to go on that, and I'm digging their sale.
Third of all, I'm not going into the day job.  Nope.  Not happening.  Whatever cluster of debacle goes on tomorrow...I care not.

I'm nearly giddy.  I think the last time I had Friday off, I was sick.  That's not conducive to anything.  And while I'm sure the day will fly by as days off are wont to's still mine all mine.
*rubs hands together with glee*

Will work on writing and agents and editing and my literary world.  Working the day job Saturday so that day is shot.  Sunday will be...I DON'T KNOW YET!
And isn't it simply grand???

Just have to make it 'til five today.  Then go visit my sweet baby grandson.  Then an hour and twenty commute.  Then I will be home.
Oh, man.
Sometimes it IS the little things.

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