Saturday, July 31, 2010

Warrior and the Sparrow has a home

I signed the contract on Warrior and the Sparrow last night. *smile* I'll let everyone know the publishing date as soon as it's given to me.
One less thing to worry about. *grins*
Now time to embrace the next series I'm researching right now. A five book series with a strong thread that will tie the five together. Plus several other plots and subplots to thread together. Yes. A lot of work. But well worth it.
Creativity sparks a part of people that lights up their soul.
As for Warrior and the Sparrow...I'll wait for a publishing date. But I'll have to fill out forms for ideas on artwork and whatnot. Title information. And then *sigh* editing. This being my longest venture up until this point in time, 90,000 words or so, and I'm dreading the editing.
I love my people. There's no doubt. But after you sit with the same folks for days on end and fine-tune everything about them and everything around them, you're rather ready for them to stand on their own.
It would be like having your best friends stay with you for two or three weeks and spending every waking second with them.
Oye. Yeah. Like that.
At least I can take a break from that with my other people.

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