Monday, July 19, 2010

Fair Trade

Hello lovely readers!!!

Tell me something about yourself. Right now you're just a lovely number on my sitemeter. What do you do? What do you like? To read? To eat? To do in your spare time? Do you have pets? You gotta have at least one quirk--share it with me. *grins* I have several.
How did you find me? Were you looking for me or "takes her clothes off for money" chickie? What state are you from?
What do you want to read on here?
And for my part in all this:
I'm just me. Voracious reader. The smartass gene is dominant. Writing another series of books. I dream big. I work hard. I'm the person who will look in your medicine cabinet. I'm in major advertising lust with the Geico Gekko. I know. I have issues. He's just so damn cute!!! I want to take him and set him on the table and have discussions with him. But I digress.
I think I'm like a butterfly.
Hold me too tight, and you'll crush my wings or smother me. Hold me softly, and some of my color may rub off on you.

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