Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In the stylings of...

Here's the website du jour for writers: http://iwl.me/
Click on that. Submit a sample of your writing. Ta da! You get a comparison of the work you submitted likened to a famous author. My regular blogs are similar to Stephen King. My blog about Warrior and the Sparrow compared me to Margaret Atwood. And my diatribe about Dr. Who? That would be Douglas Adams. My concise review of Undead and Unfinished? I'm the next Stephenie Meyer.
I'll admit. I was EXCITED at first. Wow. Who do I write like? What can I find out?
Um, that would be nothing. I found out nothing.
This site takes keywords and subjects and then matches you up with a writer who is similar.
Who do I REALLY write like?

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Crystal* said...

So I'm having issues leaving this site alone. Sue me.
I just jotted a couple of thoughts down that came to me. Who am I now?
Charles Dickens.
I truly AM...a literary schizophrenic. I'm not even a BIT surprised.